Mountain Coast Aikikai

Welcome to Mountain Coast Aikikai

Mountain Coast Aikikai is a not-for-profit martial art school located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Established in 1991, our mission is to promote the fitness of the whole person through a direct experience of Japanese martial art training and related disciplines.  This training embraces the physical practices of martial discipline and technique, which through regular practice, work to unify mind, body and spirit and helps individuals develop and prepare themselves to live fully and mindfully and to serve and contribute meaningfully to the life of the communities in which they live.

Mountain Coast Aikikai offers instruction in: 
  • Traditional Aikido
    - Taijutsu (body arts) and Bukiwaza (weapons training)
  • Japanese Swordsmanship (Iaijutsu/Iaido)
    - Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Iaijutsu
  • Mindfulness
  • Mind-Body Fitness 

The school provides a dynamic, knowledgeable and positive environment where individuals from all walks of life can gain improvements in fitness, flexibility, calmness, self-discipline and mindfulness, through the study of these disciplines. 

Watch a Class

Want to learn more about Aikido, Japanese Swordsmanship, Meditation and Mind-Body fitness training?   Come visit the dojo to observe one of our scheduled classes and to meet our instructors and members. 

Please check the dojo Schedule and Calendar for an up to date listing of scheduled class times.

Contact Us

Mountain Coast Aikikai

phone: +1.604.800.DOJO  (3656)

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